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Life Insurance is the cornerstone of what we do at Integrated Financial Strategists. None of us are immortal(although as teenagers we probably acted that way once or twice), and life insurance protects our families, loved ones and businesses when we pass away. In greater Philadelphia, life insurance is designed to:

    -Cover your lost wages and allow your family to continue the standard of life
    -Take care of debts like mortgages, loans and credit cards
    -Pay for children’s and grandchildren’s education
    -Provide safe money growth along with a death benefit
    -Take care of funeral, cremation and burial expenses
    -Help keep a business afloat

Which benefit makes the most sense to you? At IFS we will consultatively help you make the right decision, and the first part of that process is education. We will teach you about the different types of life insurance. Some of these are:

    -Term Life Insurance
    -Whole Life Insurance
    -Universal Life Insurance    
    -Key Man(or Key Person) Life Insurance
    -Final Expense Insurance

We will show you the in’s and out’s of these programs and craft our solution to seamlessly integrate with your situation and needs. Over the years we’ve helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses in greater Philadelphia. Life Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Let our agents help you with a decision that protects you, your family and your business.

Click to learn more about Term Life Insurance, Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Key Man Life Insurance, and Final Expense Insurance.

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