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Funerals are extremely expensive these days. Whether you would like a simple cremation or a lavish funeral and memorial service, the expense is thousands of dollars. In fact, in Pennsylvania, the average cost of a funeral in 2016 is over $8,000! None of us wants our spouse or kids to have to pay for our burial. And with fixed income the way it is, it's nearly impossible to save enough cash to pay for it ourselves.


Final Expense Protection comes in the form of small, whole life insurance policies that are normally used to help the children pay for burials or cremations, the memorial service, or bills left behind by their parents. The parent can also use the Final Expense policy as a surprise "I Love You" gift. Unlike normal inheritance, the cash passed down to the beneficiary is tax-free, and the payment is immediate upon confirmation of death.


There are different types of Final Expense Protection, but all are "whole life". This means that as long as a premium is paid, the death benefit can never go away. Most of our clients prefer "simplified issue" policies, which mean that there is no blood test, and that the policy is issued at the end of the interview. This is immediate protection at it's best! There are also "guaranteed issue" policies for those with health problems. In fact, we can even cover those who recently had major health concerns like heart attacks, strokes or even those battling incurable diseases.


The only given in life is death. Reach out to us and we'll ensure that your family is protected and your final expenses are covered forever.

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