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First, I'd like to make a confession. I don't have a money tree, nor do I know anybody who has one either. Having three young kids my wallet is tightly pinched, and any additional expense is painful at the very best. With that said, I am extremely glad to fork over a few monthly dollars on life insurance, and here is why you should be too.

Our kids absolutely depend on us to live. Food, clothes, housing, school, college expenses, trips to the mall(ok, maybe not that one) are just some expenses that our incomes provide. Now, imagine that income being stripped away. What would your kids do? Where would they go? How would they eat?

Yes, young parents rarely die. But when they DO unexpectedly pass away, their deaths are often catastrophic to their young families. At Integrated Financial Strategists, we intelligently cover families to protect them from that worst case scenario.

How do we protect families intelligently? First, we ensure that a parent's earning power is at least covered through a child's 18th birthday. We can add the children onto the policy for pennies on the dollar. If the parents are homeowners, we give them options to extend the policy through the entire length of the mortgage, so their home is protected. We even have options where families can add a cash back option if the parent outlives the term!

We take a look at a parent's budget, and make sure the policy is extremely affordable. Yes, you need protection, but you don't need to pay alot for that coverage. Term life insurance is the most affordable way to protect families, although indexed universal life insurance and whole life insurace are options as well.

Integrated Financial Strategists specializes in local Montgomery County, Bucks County and Philadelphia Life Insurance. After learning about your family's needs we'll come up with an intelligent plan that is extremely affordable. Your family's well being is priceless, let's make sure they're protected.


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